For the 2018-19 school year the library will have new
tiles, a new ceiling, and LED lights.
photo courtesy Kathryn Chamberlin.

As the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close, the administration is looking for new ways to improve Godwin for the coming school year.

Over the summer, parts of the library, the commons, and the auditorium will be remodeled.

“We always try to remodel a little bit of Godwin every summer in order to keep the school looking nice. The money that allows us to renovate comes from the meals tax that was passed a few years ago,” said Principal Leigh Dunavant.

Whenever someone eats at a Henrico restaurant, part of the cost of that meal goes to schools for renovation.

Next year, the library and the commons will benefit from this tax. These areas are set to have the ceilings retiled and wood paneling painted white in order to brighten the rooms.  

LED lights will be installed in both areas to compensate for the lack of windows.

“The LED lights are a more efficient method of lighting. The lights will also be better for the environment,” said Dunavant.

The library and the auditorium will also be receiving new carpeting, and the carpet outside the entrance to the auditorium will be torn up and replaced with red and white tile.

Godwin has already begun renovation in the library throughout the year with the addition of new technologies.

“We have put a lot of money into the idea of remodeling the library to make it look more 21st century as we have already placed new technologies such as the Bright Board and the green screen. We want our library to be on top of the new technological changes going on in our society,” said Dunavant.

The interior design of Godwin is not the only change the administration is making. The administration also has plans to completely repave the senior lot over the summer. The potholes in the lot were covered over spring break, but the county plans to completely repave the lot over summer.

One of the topics that has been at the center of attention this year is the idea of one lunch. The idea of having a single, hour-long lunch period has been thrown around and tested throughout the school year, the most recent being during the SOL testing weeks.

One lunch has certainly become a controversial topic as students seem to either love it or hate it.

One lunch will not be taking place next year; however, at the end of this school, the faculty plans to take a vote on whether one lunch is a bad idea or vote to continue working out the details of the idea to potentially implement one lunch in the near future.

“I want the student’s voices to be heard as well, which is why I put up a survey for students to voice their opinions on the matter since it will also heavily impact their education as well,” said Dunavant.

The faculty is still discussing the future of DEAR, and whether or not DEAR will be permanently replaced with No Eagle Left Behind.

“All-in-all, I am very excited to see what next school year holds,” said Dunavant.


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