Q1: Which letter comes between Mills and Godwin?

ANSWER: E – The E in Mills E. Godwin stands for Edwin.


Q2: How many hours are in a full 7 period school day?



Q3: What year did Godwin open?

ANSWER: 1980


Q4: Which dish is served every Thursday in the lunch line?

ANSWER: Domino’s Pizza


Q5: How many Varsity sports (including cheer) are at Godwin?



Q6: How many delays and closings have we had this school year?



Q7: How many TOTAL clubs/societies are listed on the Godwin website?



Q8: What was practiced during Mindful Monday on April 9?



Q9: Which colors are on Coach Seidenberg’s snow sweater?

ANSWER: Green & white


Q10: What year did the Eagles’ Eyrie report on the opening of Short Pump Town Center?

ANSWER: 2002 – Short Pump Town Center opened in 2003, but the Eagles Eyrie reported on its opening in 2002.


Q11: Which of the following Henrico schools was established first?

ANSWER: Freeman – Freeman High School is the oldest of the three and was founded in 1954. Godwin was founded in 1980 and John Randolph Tucker was founded in 1962.


Q12: Which of the following major sports leagues have Godwin graduates played in?

ANSWER: MLB & MLS – Godwin graduate Eric Fornataro (Class of 2006) plays in the MLB for the St. Louis Cardinals. Godwin graduates Adam Cristman and Brad Knighton, both Class of 2003, played in the MLS. Cristman played for UVA and several professional teams, and Knighton played for several professional teams as well, including the New England Revolution.


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