Godwin showcases talent at the Variety Show

to r: Sophomores Blake Cassaroti, Joaquin Dela Cruz, and Georgia Smart performing their beach day skit. photo Kathyrn Chamberlain

On Thursday March 1 Godwin held its annual Variety Show, displaying the talent among the students.

This year’s show was sponsored by the Junior Student Council Association, science teachers Heather Martin and Jessica Boppe, and Junior Assistant Principal Cecily Gardner. All proceeds went to supporting Godwin’s prom in the spring.

Junior class officers Colin Gray, Mason Densley, and Sadie Williams were the hosts of the event. These students had to introduce and preview acts while providing structure to the program.

The theme of the show was based on the widely popular NBC television show “The Office,” which was televised from 2005-2013. The junior representatives decided on the themes.

“Mrs. Boppe really likes ‘The Office’ and really wanted it as the theme, so we went with it,” said Williams.

Act one began with a skit by the juniors reenacting the jello scene from the pilot episode of “The Office,” followed by junior Claire Ellsworth and her band singing “Benny and the Jets” by Elton John. Next came junior Ariel Bryant’s performance of Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry,” seniors Chloe Billy, Abigail Bogin, Amanda Palmer, and junior Alison Tieman then performed “All the Pretty Little Horses” by American Tradition and arranged by Palmer.

Following Lacy’s performance, the freshman performed their skit with history teacher and freshman sponsor Jon Lauder acting as a teacher on the first day of school. The students pretended to be stereotypical freshman beginning high school with varying personalities and differing levels of excitement.

Act one was completed with sophomore James Shen’s performance on the piano, junior Chloe Tenenbaum’s color guard performance, and senior Sam Taylor and his band’s “Fire Away.” Shen’s act was well-received, with a standing ovation following his performance.

l to r: Senior Amanda Palmer, junior Allison Tieman, senior Chloe Billy, and senior Abigail Bogin performing.
photo Kathyrn Chamberlain

“The performance felt magical. It was one of the best moments of my life,” said Shen.

The sophomores performed their skit next, involving the students choosing a new president, while the candidates had to walk across hot stones.

At the intermission, the prom theme was introduced. It is “Pure Imagination,” which is a based off of a song from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Starting out the second act was “Thriller,” performed by the Pep Band.

“The Thriller song was amazing. I loved the way they made it look like zombies were crawling up the stage,” said Sophomore Autumn Gauthier.

The second act consisted of many more musical performances, such as sophomore Jillian Wohltmann performing “Liability” by Lorde, junior Ying Yuan performing “Fast Cars” by Tracy Chapman, and sophomore Abigail Taylor performed “Hold On” by Alabama Shakes.

“That stretch of songs was my favorite part,” said junior Casey Glasser.

Midway through the second act, the seniors performed their skit. They reenacted the annual Godwin safety day, where seniors dress up in neon colored traffic safety gear and give out tickets to the freshman.

Junior Davis West performed magic tricks, such as sleight of hand card tricks.

The show concluded with a lip syncing battle between male and female faculty members. Junior assistant principal Cecily Gardner, principal Leigh Dunavant, freshman assistant Principal Mindy Guyer, sophomore assistant principal Carl Torrence, Senior Assistant principal John Phillips, and history teacher Chris Pearson all participated.

Pearson kicked the performance off by lip syncing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” as he walked onto the stage. Guyer follow up Pearson and lip synced Jon Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive.” Philips then lip synced Montell Jordan’s “This is How we do it,” Dunavant lip synced Carnie Wilson’s “Hold On,” and Torrance finished with Drake’s “God’s Plan.”

According to Martin, the Variety Show was a success. Over 500 tickets were sold.

“I think it went very well. Performers did a great job and it came together very nicely,” said Martin.

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