A few suggestions for listening, reading, or watching from some of Godwin’s very own teachers and administrators.



Year released: 1981

Directed by: Warren Beatty

“My most memorable movie from high school was ‘Reds’, starring Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton. I thought it was such an adult movie, and I loved the setting and characters. English was my favorite subject in high school, and ‘Reds’ was about writers in the 1920s. Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of playwright Eugene O’Neill was brilliant.”

-English teacher Lynn Farley



“Kramer vs. Kramer”

Year released: 1979

Directed by: Robert Benton

“My most vivid movie recollection from high school was ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’, starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep.  It is a heart-breakingly beautiful film that showcases amazing performances, tight direction, and a no-punches-pulled screenplay that grips your heart and doesn’t let go.  Despite being filmed over 30 years ago, it stands the test of time in terms of an honest portrayal of a family in crisis.”

-English teacher Catherine Cooper



Year released: 1976

Directed by: John G. Avildsen

“I loved Rocky, and I know that sounds cheesy.  But Rocky ‘rocked’ our world when it was released, and, truthfully, who doesn’t love the underdog story?

-English teacher Luanne Lyons


“The Matrix”

Year released: 1999

Directed by: Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski

“It’s a very fascinating look into a world that, at the time, did not seem far off as technology, and the internet really began to grow at an exponential rate; also great from a philosophical perspective.”

-Mathematics teacher Bryan Cole


“There Will Be Blood”

Year released: 2007

Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson

“There Will Be Blood is a great movie to watch because it really makes you think about people and their motivations.”

-Science teacher Allie Firebaugh



“Little Miss Sunshine”

Year released: 2006

Directed by: Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

“‘Little Miss Sunshine’ – this movie is still an amazing look at how family, although it can be a major pain, is so essential. Equally hilarious, heartbreaking, and adventurous. Plus, Abigail Breslin is adorable!”

-English teacher John Reaves



“Love Story”

Year released: 1970

Directed by: Arthur Hiller

“Love Story was one of the most popular movies of my era with people waiting in long lines to see it. The movie was criticized by the critics but loved by the romantics. The most memorable line was ‘Love means never having to say you are sorry,’ which I think is the exact opposite of real life.”

-Business and marketing teacher Janice Shelton


“Taxi Driver”

Year released: 1976

Directed by: Martin Scorcese

“This film is gritty, violent, even disturbing. It shows NYC as it was then, a real mess with survival of the fittest. The city served almost as a character itself, and NYC was not family friendly in the 70s. The main character deals with some real psychological problems that are eerily applicable to today’s America, and the ending is very ironic.”

-English teacher Chip Carter




“Youth in Revolt”

Year published: 1993

By: C.D. Payne

“Even though this came out when I was but a child, this story about the wandering teen, Nick,  is all about the internal life, about how we daydream about the future. It was turned into a decent movie, but the book really spoke to me. This is what turned me on to Frank Sinatra!”

-English teacher John Reaves


“All the President’s Men”

Year released:

By: William Goldman

“All the President’s Men was groundbreaking and incredibly influential. It covers the story of the Watergate scandal, and recounts how reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward changed history through their work. It inspired an entire generation of journalists who then began their own journeys into investigative reporting. Without the role of the watchdog through good journalism, our country can be in real danger.”

-English teacher Chip Carter


“Black Like Me”

Year published: 1961

By: John Howard Griffin

“Our courageous English teacher convinced our very conservative school board to allow her to teach a “Black Literature” class.  We felt it important to read the books that our “town elders” might not have wanted us to read.”

-Mathematics teacher Wyndham White



“On The Road”

Year published: 1957

By: Jack Kerouac

“On the Road by Jack Kerouac was my favorite ‘read-for-enjoyment book’ in high school. I wanted to move to NYC and become a poet.”

-English teacher Lynn Farley



Year published: 1987

By: Stephen King

“And you thought ‘IT’ was scary… Don’t read before bedtime.”

-Health and P.E. teacher Mark Brandenburger




“The World Without Us”

Year published: 2007

By: Alan Weisman

“‘The World Without Us’ is a fun read because it’s a fiction about what the world would be like without humans.”

-Science teacher Allie Firebaugh





Year released: 2006

By: Regina Spektor

“This Russian-American songwriter has a way of taking language (as well as a piano) and twisting it into a pure, simple riff on the standard pop song. If you want emotion and narrative, this is the song for you!”

-English teacher John Reaves


“Day N’ Nite”

Year released: 2009

By: Kid Cudi

“It’s got a great melody, and I really related to the song my senior year in high school.”

-Science teacher Allie Firebaugh


“The Streak”

Year released: 1974

By: Ray Stevens

“Streaking was very popular in my town in the late 1970’s, and this song set the tone.”

-Mathematics teacher Rob White


“Maria Maria”

Year released: 1999

By: Santana

“It’s a classic song for anyone who likes hip-hop music. This song was a great spring break theme song.”

-10th grade Assistant Principal Carl Torrence



Year released: 1971

By: John Lennon

“It addressed a lot of issues that were going on in that time.”

-Social Studies teacher Anna Bryant


“Seven Nation Army”

Year released: 2003

By: The White Stripes

“It’s the ultimate pump-up song…I’d bet most students don’t know how old the song really is.”

-Mathematics teacher Bryan Cole


“Big Lizard in my Backyard”

Year released: 1985

By: The Dead Milkmen

“The Dead Milkmen were my favorite band for a while in high school. I remember the day I got my license and was able to drive by myself I put in their tape “Big Lizard in my Backyard” and cruised around my town .”

-English teacher Mary Mordica.


“Bridge over Troubled Water”

Year released:

By: Simon and Garfunkel

” Bridge over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel was the hottest song of the year. It is still among my all-time favorites with its perfect harmony of the two men.”

-Business and marketing teacher Janice Shelton.



Year released: 1971

By: John Lennon

“My favorite song ever is Imagine by John Lennon. His impact on popular music as a member of the Beatles was indelible, but this song came after the Beatles. It asks eternal questions and presents us with the ideal vs. the real. Maybe you can’t dance to it, but if it doesn’t make you think, you just don’t want to think.”

-English teacher Chip Carter


TV Shows:


First episode date: January 23, 1977

“Let me give you a bit of an Americana history lesson:  ‘ROOTS’ was televised during my junior year of high school.  The entire nation watched.  That was historic television, and I sort of knew it as it was happening.”

-English teacher Luanne Lyons



First episode date: September 17, 1972

“MASH has been voted the Best All Time Show Ever and is still one of my favorites as I regularly watch re-runs of it. I even used its theme song for a project in high school.”

-Business and marketing teacher Janice Shelton



“The Mary Tyler Moore Show”

First episode date: September 19, 1970

“Everyone loved Mary and her new feminism that was not so ‘in-your face’.”

-Social Studies teacher Anna Bryant





First episode date: November 16, 2004

“This is by far my favorite TV show because it’s a satire about nature but irrational human behavior.”

-Science teacher Allie Firebaugh



Year released: 2003

Directed by: Jeff Tremaine

“I didn’t really watch too much TV (still don’t), but the best TV show when I was in high school was Wildboyz, a goofy take on outdoors/wildlife shows starring two fools from that profanely-named MTV show as they wander the world with nature experts. A nice mix of high- and low-brow, slapstick comedy and ecological education.”

-English teacher John Reaves




Year released: 1998

“TV Show – Seinfeld. Technically 8th grade was when it went off the air, but I watched tons of reruns during high school. It’s a show about nothing and the minutiae of life that most anyone can relate to? Yes, please.

-Mathematics teacher Bryan Cole



“All in the Family”

Year released: 1971

“All in the Family brought real and modern issues to TV that had never been discussed before. It made you laugh, cringe, and even care about characters who were greatly flawed.”

-English teacher Chip Carter




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