As winter approaches, trends from the February ready-to-wear shows begin to appear in day-to-day life.  Here is a compilation of photos from collections in the fall/winter ‘17 season, breaking down important themes that will be prevalent in the winter.


Socks and heels have always been both practical and attention-grabbing to wear in the winter time.

As cold weather approaches, exposed skin leads to freezing and uncomfortable feet. But beyond the practical aspect, socks and heels can winterize any type of heel and adds dimension and pattern to an outfit.

Burberry has always been a brand to bring new concepts to classic winter outfits. In the spirit of the brand, try a trench coat, black tights, chunky and colorful socks, and thin heels for a winter look.


Ralph Lauren

Dark, monochromatic looks will always be “in” during winter, simply because they align with everyone’s winter emotions— sad, drab, and dark.

Ralph Lauren’s monochromatic, however, is rather exciting due to the mix-and-match of one cohesive pattern as opposed to color.

All-black in the winter is nothing new (“Florals in spring? Groundbreaking.”), yet Ralph Lauren allows for this monotone ideology in an exciting fashion.



Oversized sweaters and long, thin skirts provide an interesting frame for winter. The change of texture and size of sartorial items increase the interesting nature of the look.

There is nothing more perfect than a classic oversized sweater on a cold day. Mixing up the silhouette provides for an even mixture of comfort and fashion- which is not a common theme on the runway.


Men’s oversized coats are in and they’re beautiful.

This winter, men’s looks can, in fact, extend beyond khaki shorts and Patagonias. Oversized coats look slick, mysterious, and they’re warm.

Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci since Jan. 2015, has sparked many trends on recent runways. Although the oversized coat is a tamer and more classic part of the F/W 17 Gucci show, Michele continues to inspire on and off the runway.


Acne Studios

Layering is a staple for fall and winter, and the key to layering is balance. If all layers were to be the same height and color dimension, the look would not come off as multi-faceted.

By adding textures, patterns, and colors, Acne Studios presents a look that has both depth and interest.


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