GHS student’s business ventures aimed at supporting environment.

Haddad standing on top of a mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park wearing Climate Control
Photo courtesy Micheal Haddad

Most teenagers in high school are not making business decisions for themselves at this stage of life. Even fewer are considering the environment while doing so.

Junior Michael Haddad worked hard this summer to get his name out into the business world. He spent most
of his free time creating new graphics and designs for his website

Climate Control is an online clothing and merchandise shop with various outdoor themed designs. The
products range from t-shirts to posters of photos taken by Haddad himself.

Haddad drew his inspiration for the company from his love for the outdoors and his desire to protect the environment.

One day, he decided to create the website.

“I started [Climate Control] because I was bored. I am also interested in graphic design and helping the climate and environment,” said Haddad.

However, starting and managing a business is not all fun and games.

As Haddad began to develop the website and company, he had to learn to manage several key aspects of running a successful business.

Thorough research was required, especially for his specific field.

“Not only did I learn about where materials from the garment industry come from, but also a lot about advertising and accounting,” said Haddad.

After completing the foundation for his company, Haddad was able to dive into what he considered the more exciting aspect of creating his business.

Haddad, a member of the Godwin yearbook staff, was most excited to put his photography skills to the test through taking photographs for his company’s products and website.

Modeling is important for selling his products, so he tapped into his creativity. Contacting close friends who were interested in his products, Haddad coordinated photo shoots in outdoor sceneries to help his advertisements.

“My photography is important because it gives customers a chance to see the products in action. It is also very effective at initiating interactions on social media,” said Haddad.

This summer, Haddad took a trip to Colorado to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. There, he added to his photo modeling collection, continually dramatizing his online products.

A unique part of Haddad’s website is his addition of a blog where he posts climate protection articles, donation polls, and even poetry.

The blog gives behind-the- scenes details and adds in some extra photography of what happens in the outdoor life of Michael Haddad.

“I created the blog to give people a reason to visit the website even if they aren’t shopping,” said Haddad.

In the end, Haddad believes the most important part of the company is the donations to environmental charities.

“I donate over half the profit from each sale to charities working toward environmental causes. The rest of the money goes back into the company to pay for advertising and other various expenses,” said Haddad.

Haddad donates 51% of his profits to environmental and climate charities such as “The Nature Conservancy” and “Living Lands and Waters,” which help support river cleanup and various research projects aimed toward environmental restoration.

“I am hoping to give back $500 by the end of the year and keep the company growing,” said Haddad.


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