DisneyDisney has pervaded children’s lives since it was founded in in 1923. Some dream of becoming princes or princesses, allowing Disney to follow them into adulthood. For English teacher Christy Maddox, that dream became a reality.

Maddox lived around the corner from the Radio Disney building while studying journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a lifelong Disney fan and loves working with children, so she decided to apply for a job at the Radio Disney building.

Maddox received the job and was given the position of a “fun team squad member.” Maddox started out on the promotional side of Radio Disney, where she got to drive around Richmond in the Radio Disney Van to different events, including “mommy-and-me” celebrations.

At these events, they would play music, and kids there would get to participate in multiple games. Later, she was offered an internship on the production side of Radio Disney, where she got to help make commercials for the local station.

Throughout her years at Radio Disney, she was able to meet Miley Cyrus during the starting stages of Hannah Montana, and also got to meet singers Ali and AJ, who were in the movie “Cow Belles”.

“I had heard of Ali and AJ before meeting them, so it was very exciting,” said Maddox.

Maddox said that some of the challenges she faced at events she worked during her promotional job included keeping kids from being upset when losing games that she was helping with, working during inclement weather, and keeping kids calm while waiting to play games.

When kids won games at the events, they would be allowed to choose from a prize bin including items such as stickers, buttons, and stuffed animals.

Some of the skills needed to work there included patience, a bubbly personality, and being able to roll with the punches.

When these events went well, the promotional employees would be allowed to go into the “prize closet” and choose from an assortment of movies, games, and tickets to different amusement parks.

Maddox says her co-workers were incredibly friendly and she would definitely take the job again if it was offered to her.

“It was a wonderful experience, I had a lot of fun, and it definitely led me to where I am now,” said Maddox.


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