Many athletes hone their skills on the field, demonstrating expertise in their sport. However, being a good athlete is different than being a good coach.

Some Godwin athletes have elevated their skills from basic training and games and now pass on their knowledge to the younger generation.

Seniors Holden Fisher, Caroline Cipolla, and Adam Collins share their knowledge on enlightening others in their sports.



photo courtesy Holden Fisher

Holden Fisher has been playing soccer for 15 years, and is known for playing on the Godwin soccer team.

“The most important thing that someone has ever told me in regards to my sport is to not dwell on my mistakes,” said Fisher.

He has also been coaching soccer for five years. He coaches at a youth soccer organization called Own Touch. Fisher coaches many children at a variety of ages.

Fisher likes to center his practices around a specific drill. Therefore, he can focus on shaping and progressing students’ atheltic abilities in a step-by-step process.

“Coaching can sometimes help a player understand the game of soccer even better,” said Fisher.

Fisher is attending Longwood in the fall on a partial soccer scholarship.



photo courtesy Caroline Cipolla

Caroline Cipolla, who is best known for playing soccer, did gymnastics for 13 years. She is now teaching younger kids gymnastics skills. Cipolla has been coaching at Richmond Olympiad for a year, and helps children of varying ages.

“When I was younger, I was told that if you work hard enough, you can achieve any dream,” said Cipolla.

To her, coaching gymnastics is a lot like playing the sport.

Cipolla likes to start her practices early, getting her gymnasts amped up and ready to work.

“When I was a gymnast, we all used to help each other on the team with corrections. When you become older, you can correct and coach yourself because you have been doing the sport for so long,” said Cipolla.

Cipolla will be playing soccer at Virginia Tech.



photo courtesy Adam Collins

Adam Collins played tennis for six years, and is now helping to coach the sport. Collins teaches kids of different ages, as well as adults.

“The most important advice I recieved while learning about my sport is to play my game no matter what the other players are doing,” said Collins.

He has been coaching tennis for the last three years, and really enjoys coaching.

His favorite part about helping teach is seeing those he coaches progressing and improving their skills on the court.

When he is able to get to know his students on a personal level, it makes the teaching process easier due to the student being able to articulate what they need to learn.

“Coaching is a way for me to share my knowledge about the sport with people who want to learn,” said Collins.

Collins will be attending James Madison University in the fall.


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