On Friday, Feb. 24 Godwin held its annual Variety Show, showcasing a wide variety of talent among the Godwin student body.

Hosted by the graduating class of 2018, students Molly Wheeler, Daniel Sherman, Nick Aaron, Alex Dogbo, Suzanne Bunce, and Taylor Yeager acted as members of the High School Musical cast to present the acts. Proceeds for the event went towards supporting prom this spring. Students from every grade level participated in the show.

“We tried coming up with a few different ideas for the overall theme of the show, but nothing really fit until one of the junior class officers mentioned a High School Musical theme. Everyone loved the idea, so Brynn and I molded the show around that idea.” said junior Devon Furash in regards to choosing a theme for the show.

The first act consisted of singers and musicians, including sophomore Allison Tieman, who sang My Heart Will Go On, sophomore Anika Chowdhury who sang Hallelujah, sophomore Sarah Welch who performed Fade Into You on the guitar, and sophomore Megha Nair who sang Skinny Love.

Other acts included On My Way Home, performed by the acapella group Eagletonix, a color guard performance by sophomore Chloe Tenembaum, and a magic performance by sophomore Davis West. The dance team also showcased a routine prior to intermission.

Act two opened with vocal acts by freshman Avery Uhlmann singing the Cup Song, followed by freshman Jillian Wohltmann performing Stay, and Omen, which was performed by sophomore Ying Yaun. Yaun played the guitar while singing.

Seniors Mitchell Ashe and Hana Pearlman performed Imagine, with Ashe singing as Pearlman signed the lyrics. Pearlman began learning sign language in the 10th grade, after chemotherapy took the hearing of her mother, pushing her to learn it. The idea for the act stemmed from the childhood friendship between both Ashe and Pearlman.


“He’s such an amazing singer. I wanted to go out with one last bang,” said Pearlman.


Other acts included the Godwin Pep Band performing Take On Me, Ke Jane performed by student band Who Knows, senior Steven Rosner on drums, and sophomore Meredith Kennedy performed Roundtable Rival on her electric violin.


“An electric violin is exactly like an electric guitar, but it’s just a violin you plug into an amp. I chose violin as an instrument because I was inspired by a fiddler in a group called Celtic Women when I was younger,” said Kennedy, “ I actually play both standard and electric violin, but I use the electric for Lindsey Stirling covers and other pop/rock songs that I perform.”

Also included were skits done by the freshman, sophomore, and senior class student council.


The freshman class skit featured members of the class trying to decide together what to do for the variety show.


The sophomore class skit included students reciting popular songs as poems by artists such as Drake and The Chainsmokers.


The senior class skit featured a news panel discussing school topics such as speed limits in the hallways, exams, canceled midterms, next year’s school supply list, and senioritis.


The night closed with senior Jenny Ding performing River Flows in You on piano.




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