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Godwin names new head football coach- by J-1 Correspondent Ari Lehman

After coach Logan McPherson resigned, Godwin was in the market for their second football coach since 2014. They didn’t waste much time, promoting assistant coach Ron Strine to the head coach position.

With Strine’s promotion, lots of changes are expected to be made to the Godwin football program. After solid but not spectacular seasons of 4-6 and 5-5 records under McPherson, coach Strine has his sights set on a state title.

“I believe I have a good relationship with the players. They know I am fair and honest, will push them to be the best they can be, and will not accept excuses,” said Strine.

Although known among players as a friendly and experienced coach, Strine will not accept anything but perfection from his players.

“I want to teach them to learn commitment, personal responsibility, hard work, and sacrifice for the good of the team,” said Strine.

Athletic success, to Strine, starts within the classroom, and he plans on holding the players even more accountable for their academic achievements.

Strine plans on forming Godwin into a championship, high-caliber team. .

“I plan to hire a few new coaches, expect players to put more time in the off-season conditioning program, and play a different defense,” said Strine.

Despite being an assistant coach last season, Strine was still surprised to be selected as the new coach.

“Coach McPherson taught me how much time it takes to do the job,” said Strine.

Practices, games, offseason conditioning, and mentoring the players, are a few of Strine’s daily activities with the team.

Coach Strine has a vast knowledge of the game which stems from his experience coaching high-level football. He has coached at several colleges, most notably Toledo, a division I program. In addition to coaching, Strine has had experience on the field with the role of the quarterback and defensive back positions.

“Yes, I have desired coaching Godwin because it is a good school for both academics and athletics, good community support,” said Strine.

Strine hopes his work ethic, experience, and relationship with the players will help him ease into the position.

“At the end of my career I want people to know that I got the players to play to their maximum ability and made them productive members of society,” said Strine.


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