photo Julia Grossman  (l to r): Baher, Samir, and Stephen Rezh are keeping their t-shirt business in the family

photo Julia Grossman
(l to r): Baher, Samir, and Stephen Rezh are keeping their t-shirt business in the family

Godwin students and cousins Samir Rezk, Baher Rezk, and Stephen Rezk have introduced Godwin to their up and coming business, Rixelco.

The clothing business sells creative designs printed on t-shirts. All the boys, including Deep Run student Mark Farag  hold a meeting once a week to print their t-shirts, sketch new designs, and produce special orders.

“We do everything together. It’s not just one of us in control”, said Samir Rezk .

Using their own equipment, Samir  said that they design the logos with a special computer software, allowing  them to create their pixelated designs. After the designs are created, they are put through a sublimation printer, where the pixelated design is transferred onto a vinyl and then stamped onto a white shirt by a heat press.

Rixelco found that producing just one shirt can take as long as three hours. They typically get a shipment of 64 shirts, each order. However the more demand for shirts  the company gets, the more the boys will order.

“The shirts are high quality and 100 percent cotton,” said Samir Rezk.

With the businesses’ newfound popularity, the boys have had to increase production in their free time to provide their customers with the original and innovative ideas  they have promised.

As high school students, Rixelco realized that they must be able to manage their time well and devote their weekends and afternoons to the business.

“It is very important to learn to say ‘no’ to what you don’t see is right for your business,” says Baher Rezk, the founder of Rixelco.

He explained that in running a business, you must think about what is best for it to thrive and prosper, and not just what is the easiest.

“It’s amazing to see people wearing our products and to know that I made what they’re  wearing”, says Samir.

He also told us that his favorite part of this whole business is that he gets to work side-by-side with his associates and some of his best friends quite frequently.






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