The runway shows happened winter of last year, but the trends are beginning now. Here is a look at my favorite shows from the Spring/Summer 2017 collections, many of which have trends you’ll be seeing throughout the warmer seasons. From slouch skirts with t-shirts, to light tulle, to bright lipstick, here are a few spring trends.





CHRISTIAN DIOR has always been a brand that is striving to create a reality that is masking itself as a dream. Recently changing their creative director, the Spring/Summer 2017 show was the first show by Maria Grazia Chiuri. She is also the first female creative director of Dior, following the footsteps of previous creative director Raf Simons. Following his footsteps does not entail continuing his style, though. Her Spring/Summer ’17 show began a new era of Christian Dior- an era of softness, tulle, and light embroidery. As for spring trends, the sheer tulle, sparkling embroidery, and *RED LEATHER* are among my favorites.



dolce and gabanna


DOLCE AND GABBANA has always been a brand that has exuded an aura of classic coolness- a combination of black and white with pops of color and embroidery, along with thematic elements such as nature and religion are major trends throughout the Spring/Summer ’17 show. The white suit allows for a classic look but with a twist of sweetness for spring time. This is true for most of the looks, there is a statement being made with everything and each outfit is made for a different personality. This show was definitely a highlight for the Spring/Summer ’17 shows, showcasing trends such as gold embroidery, slacks/trousers for women, and bejeweled items (the only way bejeweled items aren’t tacky- D&G).




GUCCI has been a major trendsetter since Alessandro Michele has transformed the brand. With advertisements, shows, and general vibes, Gucci has carved out a new path in the fashion world. Michele’s Spring/Summer ’17 show is no exception to this. Always a fan of the classic suit on a woman, Gucci was able to reinvent itself once again. The show creates a feeling of playing dress up in your mother’s clothes when you were little- a mismatch of patterns and fabrics but somehow, it works. Also, many major trends are being showcased on this runway. From silky suits, to embroidery, to slouchy skirts paired with oversize t-shirts, these are all great inspirations for your spring wardrobe.



PRADA’s Spring/Summer ’17 makes me feel like it’s 1972 and I’m running from work to an evening drive-in movie- this whole runway show is my dream look. The theme of feathers, mixed with light silk and plastic-like sandals. The feathers! It’s all genius. Also, the combination of light fabrics and thicker fabrics with stark patters creates a real mood for the show. There are a few things I am hoping stick around from this show- to the feather boa to the silk overlay dress with a gingham skirt underneath to the hot pants/turtleneck combo.



THOM BROWNE is a designer I’m not very familiar with- but he is someone I will be looking out for now. His entire show was using black models posing as Barbie’s, with their hands out and 2-D clothing. The idea of clothing looking as though it’s 3-D, but with another glance it’s all in one piece is extremely futuristic. I definitely think this show is a glance in to the future of fashion. Also, the bright lipstick in contrast to the model’s skin is absolutely stunning, and I believe the bright lipstick skin is great for any skin tone in the summer. It’s a fun way to bring color to an otherwise “2-D” look.


valentino valentino2

VALENTINO never fails me. This show is no exception. So many looks that I feel I must where when I retire to the South of France. With the returning motif of silky/see through dresses with doodles and embroidery, these dresses are beautiful for a warm summer night. Also the “mini-lipstick purses” are to die for. The overall airiness in the collection is stunning, but is this breath of fresh air with the combination of a cool, I don’t care vibe. I believe the main trends that are coming from this are the embroidery (as seen in Christian Dior) and the color scheme- light pastels with dark green/brown/black pops.


Alexander Wang

ALEXANDER WANG showed off a new side for this collection- and it definitely works. The ripped white jean “suit” will be my go-to summer outfit. The all white is really a theme that comes across in many different shows, and it is a trend that will show up throughout spring and summer. Along with this, there is the classic blue and white sailor look- but with a twist. The moccasins with these summer colors, also with the stomach straps and rope belts. These all come off as futuristic beach town outfits, and they all are perfect inspiration for summer beach looks.




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