Student organizations band together to form a club of inclusiveness

no eagle left behind

l to r: Emma Heinrich, Lauren Lemelin, Alex Sims, Charles Shelton, Kaitlyn Ledford, Lauren Bishop, and Haley Brennan in a Schoology video about No Eagle Left Behind.

Over the past few months, a new group has formed at Godwin in hopes of creating a community of inclusiveness for students.

Different organizations, such as Speak Up, YouMatter, Christopher Angels, and Dude Be Nice decided to unite to form one coalition called No Eagle Left Behind.

Godwin Principal Leigh Dunavant decided to bring the different groups together after students reached out to her last summer asking for the creation of a Godwin organization for struggling students.

“I decided to join them together as one group because there is power in numbers,” said Dunavant.

The group meets every two weeks to discuss topics that promote school unity and acceptance, along with planning events to spread their message to the student body.

Recently, No Eagle Left Behind hosted Great Kindness Challenge Week alongside the counseling department.

While they have already taken part in one event, No Eagle Left Behind is planning future endeavors to increase awareness.

“We plan to have a kindness week in March, followed by a speaker from Minding Your Mind on [March 24],” said senior Lauren Lemelin, a participant of the group. Kindness Week took place March 20 to March 24.

“During Kindness Week, each of the students, along with the help from the group, will showcase the organization in which he or she participates in the commons each day,” said Dunavant.

To conclude Kindness Week, there is an assembly on March 24 with a speaker from the Cameron Gallagher Foundation who will discuss her own struggles and how she overcame them.

No Eagle Left Behind works to bring Godwin students together and promote kindness between one another.

“Our vision is really for us to reach as many Eagles as possible with the message of kindness to one another and building up one another,” said Dunavant.


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