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Standing in the Hall of Fame- By Sports Editor Dalia Jimenez

Photo Credit Tom Veazey Left to right: Mark Seidenberg, Brittany Thompson, Ryan Heathcock, Brian Whitley, Penny Stevens, and Chris Brill were inducted into the GHS Athletic Hall of Fame.
Photo Credit Tom Veazey
Left to right: Mark Seidenberg, Brittany Thompson, Ryan Heathcock, Brian Whitley, Penny Stevens, and Chris Brill were inducted into the GHS Athletic Hall of Fame.

The Godwin Athletic Hall of Fame was organized in 2012, making this year’s inductees a part of the fifth class.

Among the inductees were sports alumni Brian Whitley, Ashton Payne, Brittany Thompson, Ryan Heathcock, Chris Herndon, and the 1984 football team.

Also among the inductees are current tennis coach and AP Psychology teacher Mark Seidenberg, Health and Physical Education teacher Penny Stevens, and athletic trainer Chris Brill.

Usually those inducted into the Hall of Fame have either graduated from or no longer work at Godwin, but exceptions  include Seidenberg, Stevens, and Brill.

Also common achievements  of inductees include tangible accomplishments that warrant their position in the Hall of Fame.

Although Seidenberg has many championships under his belt, neither Stevens nor Brill have participated in or coached any sports. Their achievements lie with their service to others throughout the years.

In his years as a coach, Seidenberg has guided both boys and girls basketball, and girls tennis. While coaching basketball, he led the teams to two district championships.

Seidenberg’s most well-known accomplishments have occurred as the girls tennis coach, during which he led the team to 16 district championships, 16 regional championships, 11 state championships, and four runner ups.

“Coach Seidenberg is an amazingly dedicated coach who not only challenges us to perform our best, but also fosters strong camaraderie within the team and genuinely cares about each player,” said senior  and tennis player Jessica Marks.

Seidenberg feels very honored to have been inducted this year.

“I’ve been a part of this school for 27 years, and I feel very blessed to have support from the players and staff members. The teamwork aspect of the Hall of Fame is important. The athletes that I’ve seen inducted have had many personal accomplishments, but they have always been team players. What they did was not for themselves but for the team,” said Seidenberg.

Most students who participate in athletics have probably seen Brill at least once and have been on the receiving end of his help and advice.

Brill joined the athletic staff as the athletic trainer in 1998 and has since worked at the school providing medical assistance and insight to everyone who comes to his office.

“He has unselfishly [given] his time and energy to serve our student-athletes and has also been a great mentor and teacher to many student-trainers. Brill has been more than just a trainer. He is a vital part of the Eagle Family,” said former football coach Ron Axselle.

Brill has also had a positive influence on those he meets while helping athletes.

“Brill really cares about all athletes that come see him. I know that I can always rely on him to help me properly recover when injured. It means a lot to me when he follows up with me later in the season and asks how my injury is, and how my races have been going,” said junior  and track athlete Arielle Cottrell.

Brill enjoys his job and thinks it a privilege to work at the school.

“I feel truly blessed for the opportunity to work with the entire Godwin family. Getting an athlete back on to the field or court after an injury is what gives me satisfaction.

“I also love teaching sports medicine to the students at Godwin who have an interest in possibly pursuing a career in the medical field. I am humbled to be a part of Godwin’s fifth Hall of Fame Class, and look forward to many more years at Godwin High School,” said Brill.

Stevens began teaching Health and Physical Education in 1998 and often works athletic events. She is known for being kind-hearted and dedicated to the school, according to her coworkers and students.

“I personally love Ms. Stevens because she is always so upbeat and happy for everyone. She encourages all the athletes with great life advice and she is just a sweetheart. The Godwin family is so lucky to have her,” said junior and golfer Diana Domenech.

Sophomore and varsity baseball player Sam Landess is especially fond of Stevens.

“She’s the sweetest, most warm-hearted person I know. I’ve never seen a teacher who truly loves what she does as much as she does. She can always bring a smile to your face even if you’re having a really bad day,” said Landess.

The reason for her induction into the Hall of Fame is her many years of service to those around her, and her commitment to making sure all students move forward with confidence and plenty of hugs.

“I am exceptionally honored and incredibly blessed that my name will go down with some of the most kindhearted people who have dedicated their time to the betterment of Godwin. To be inducted with them is the highest honor I have ever received,” said Stevens.

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