This year, Godwin introduced a new way for students to relieve and manage stress.

Librarian Brooke Davis started the mindfulness workshop that helps students understand the meaning of “mind over matter”.

Davis organized these seminars after realizing the amount of stress many students were under.

Students partake in Mindfulness activities, including crafts, relaxation techniques, and drawing.

Photo Courtesy of the Godwin library website          Students partake in Mindfulness activities, including crafts, relaxation techniques, and drawing.

Godwin has received media attention over drug and alcohol abuse within the student body, and Davis wanted to offer a safer option for students to deal with stress.

Once a month, a county employee comes to the library during 4th period to teach students mindfulness. During these 23-minute workshops, yoga instructor Marjorie Buchanan leads participating students in stress management activities.

Buchanan has included activities like coloring mandalas in adult coloring books, learning about relaxation from scents, deep breathing and guided meditation sessions, and using music to relax.

Senior Karl Hardrick said, “It was a serene experience that made me feel inner peace and sanctity.”

Anyone is welcome to participate in the monthly sessions, as long as they get a pass for their lunch study.

According to Davis, she has received specific referrals from counselors and teachers.

The workshop also invites students in the mentoring program to participate.

Teaching relaxation techniques to students has spread all over Henrico County.

Fairfield Middle School starts each morning with a ten-minute mindful session, and Holman Middle School holds mindfulness workshops each week.

Davis said, “I think [the students] get some tools to help with stress management and focus and, hopefully, some relaxation in the middle of the school day.”

The mindfulness workshop at Godwin is partnering with guidance counselor Juliana Schatz and Family and Consumer Science teacher Sharon Womble to bring the program to more students.

The next mindfulness workshops will be held Feb. 13 and Feb. 27.


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