New to this whole “relationship” thing?

Here are some suggestions on how to give your date the perfect Valentine’s Day:

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Want to go all out for your special someone and have the money to do it? Here’s how to give your date an epic Valentine’s Day!


Melting Pot

Cheese and chocolate for two: around $40


Cheesecake Factory

Average price for two: $40


A dozen red roses from Strange’s: $43.95


Assorted Chocolate gift box from Godiva:

$9.75 for a 4 pc

$16.00 for a 8 pc

$29.00 for a 19 pc


Watch the latest movie at Regal Cinemas for $11.50

Coming out: The Space Between Us, The LEGO Batman Movie, Rings


Trying to impress your date but on a budget? Here are some cheap but fun Valentine suggestions.


Baker’s Crust

Average price for two: $25



Average price for two: $20-$25


Kroger signature dozen roses: $10


Russel Stover chocolate boxes:

$4-10 depending on the size and type


Criterion Cinemas at Movieland

Valentine’s Day falls on Super Tuesday, where tickets are $6


Bake cookies together

Pillsbury cookie dough is only $2.59


Are you alone but still want to “treat yo’self” because you’re worth it?


Panda Express

You can dine in, or if you’re not that brave go through the drive-through and take it home


Pizza Hut

They deliver


Wait until the day after for chocolate:

If you’re going to gorge yourself with chocolate it might as well be half off so you don’t break the bank.


Get yourself a single rose:

They’re much cheaper than a bundle, and it is enough to show how important you are.


Watch Netflix

If you’re feeling up for it then watch rom-coms, but if it’s too much, a good action or thriller will do just as well


Have a good cry

There’s no shame in letting a few tears loose, it will help let out a little emotion if you need a release. The tears will also cleanse your face and clear out your pores, so crying will ultimately help you feel beautiful



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