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At a loss for holiday gift ideas? – By Assistant Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Zerbst

Here are some holiday gift suggestions:

Do they like sports?shoes

How about:

  • Tickets to a sporting event
  • Customized water bottle
  • New pair of shoes


Do they like music?ticket

How about:

  • A Subscription to Spotify or Apple Music (and help them with their playlist!)
  • A poster of their favorite album
  • Tickets to a concert of a band they enjoy


Do they like to cook?cook

How about:

  • Pans or knives
  • Put together a book of their favorite recipes
  • Fancy tea kettle
  • Cooking classes at a local cooking store


yogaDo they like to work out?

How about:

  • A Yoga mat
  • A Fitbit
  • Specialty workout clothes
  • Pre-purchasing a class at a specialty gymshirt


Do they like art?

How about:

  • Tickets to the current exhibit at VMFA
  • An adult coloring book
  • A t-shirt with one of their favorite paintings on it



Do they like theatre?

How about:

  • The Soundtrack to their favorite musical
  • A poster from their favorite play
  • Tickets to a local playchanel


Do they enjoy beauty or fashion?

How about:

  • A Birchbox or Ipsy subscription
  • A magazine subscription to Vogue or Nylon
  • Book from a fashion icon


Do they like gaming?controler

How about:

  • A new videogame for Xbox or DS (like the new Pokemon Sun and Moon)
  • A new controller or game console
  • A giftcard to Steam


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