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Recent Godwin Graduates give college advice- By Assistant Editor-in-Chief Sarah York

Got Any Advice?

Recent Godwin Graduates give college advice

Photo courtesy Damon Zinkle
Photo courtesy Damon Zirkle

Damon Zirkle

School: Virginia Commonwealth University

GHS class of 2014

“The biggest way that Godwin was able to help me prepare for college was by taking AP courses. They were probably the best at preparing for the work load an average college class would give me and helped me to figure out just how much effort it would take for me to succeed in those courses. It sounds cliché, but it’s like that for a reason.

Transitioning from high school to college doesn’t have to be a particularly difficult process. For anyone who manages their schedule on their own already (which I know many high school students may already do), you will have a lot easier of a time than others. You just have to get used to being on your own and become the best you can be at time management.

The hardest thing for me was getting myself up for classes in the morning. I even missed a final exam once because I slept in. Luckily though, my teacher allowed me to make it up. I’d also suggest calling your parents every once and a while. It’ll help you settle in better if you’re used to having them around a bunch.

As for what I’m studying, I’ve recently changed my major to Computer Engineering from Computer Science and am stuck doing general education classes for now. There aren’t any extracurricular activities that I partake in through the school as I prefer to just focus on my classes and then spend my time with my hobbies outside of school.”


Photo courtesy Colin Hogg

Colin Hogg

School: James Madison University

GHS class of 2014

“My name is Colin Hogg, and I am currently a junior at James Madison University. I am studying geology and environmental science engineering with a Spanish minor.

When I was asked to write some advice to current Godwin students, I got excited knowing I could help people avoid making some of the same mistakes I did. For example, when I came to JMU freshman year I declared an international affairs major. I quickly realized it was not for me and to this day, the grade is my lowest college grade I’ve gotten (knock on wood). Therefore, my advice is to not be scared of coming into college undecided. There are enough general education classes to knock out of the way freshman year in an effort to find a passion. Along the same lines, I provide my second and most important piece of advice; to do your best on AP exams. Godwin’s AP curriculum sets up students so well for college level classes that having to repeat classes previously taken in high school is a big regret of mine. I simply advise to take the exams seriously and do the best you can because credits in college go a long way.

As for college life, my biggest piece of advice is to find your core group of friends you want to spend your time with, whether that is through Greek life, a Christian organization, or any club sport. I personally have tried numerous clubs and have friends in many of them, but am not a member of many. Because of this, my advice is to try as many clubs as you can early, and find out what groups of people you enjoy and bring out the best in you.

I truly believe Godwin prepared me tremendously for college through the rigor of AP courses, the sense of a strong community, and a team of teachers constantly looking out for your future. Teachers and professors are in their profession for a reason so never be afraid to ask for help, and once you get to college – use Good luck with your college search and remember who you are.”


Photo courtesy Genvieve Estes
Photo courtesy Genevieve Estes

Genevieve Estes

School: Liberty University

GHS class of 2012

“Here are some pieces of advice I have to give to seniors applying for college.  If you really want to go to a certain school and you do not get in, there is nothing wrong with going somewhere else or community college for a year and then, transferring. In retrospect, so many of my friends who did that were so wise to do so.  However, college is also what you make of it. Anywhere will have countless opportunities to meet people and grow.  Enjoy your times with your friends this summer, but once school starts make sure to be present there. You will get to see your friends on breaks.  The first month or so is the best time to be as social as you’ve ever been by getting involved in clubs that interest you or finding causes that you are passionate about.  It is important to get out of your comfort zone during this time and reach out to the people that you are around, exchange numbers to meet up later whether it be a meal or event to go together.  It can be exhausting and crazy, but everyone else is in the same boat so don’t be discouraged.  Finally, make sure to learn and do well in these freshmen classes.”


Photo courtesy Will York
Photo courtesy Will York

Will York

School: Virginia Tech

GHS class of 2015

“Godwin prepared me pretty well for college. The number one thing it helped me with was time management. The GHS workload on top of extracurriculars made me very prepared for what I have to do in college.

I’m majoring in public relations which is very writing intensive, and my English teachers throughout my time at Godwin really helped me write on a college level.

Virginia Tech is a big school, so getting involved right away is very important. I pledged a fraternity my first semester which really helped Tech feel smaller and gave me the family feeling that I had at Godwin. I got involved with cabinet in my fraternity which really helps me learn how to become a leader.”


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