The Fashion Statement: fall and winter product trends under $20

Article by Charlotte Zerbst and product list provided by Julia Grossman

The fall transition into winter is a time when outfits become covered up by layers of coats, and boots to stay warm. Therefore, to keep up a unique and trendy style, accessories are important! From face masks to sunglasses, here is a list of  trends that are perfect for autumn and winter.

Tony Moly I’m Real Face masks


Price: $3.75

Sheet masks have become a big trend recently, and rightfully so. They help to hydrate and replenish your face without the mess of a regular face mask. This one in particular is cheap and really helps dry skin in the colder months.

Hoop Earrings (Gold and Silver)


Price: $3.90

Hoop earrings can instantly make an outfit look more put together. Not only do these simplistic jewelry pieces add to the overall look, they seemingly change your entire aura. These hoops are great for an everyday look, although there are plenty of variations of the simple hoop earring!

Subtle Gold Sparkle (eye shadow) 


Price: $14.50

Dark and neutral colors for eyes look best when paired with fall colors, so this cheap but pigmented palette, with sparkly neutral eyeshadows, accentuates both fall and winter outfits

Boho Bandeau headbands


Price: $18.00

For a laid-back day, these headbands would look great paired with a sweater and jeans. They add a certain quality to your outfit, and there are many different colors and patterns, allowing you to add your own personality to the look.

Wrap Chokers


Price: $16.00

Leather chokers instantly give a cool vibe to any outfit. Wearing flowy layers paired with a leather choker wrapped around a few times has a nice balance throughout. Maybe even layer necklaces underneath, such as metal chokers with beads  or longer metal necklaces 

Multiple/Stacked Rings


Price: $7.90

For a subtle, sparkly addition to a simple outfit, stack your rings! These rings come in a set of 12, but any number is a chic way to add jewelry. This look is especially great for people who don’t like big, flashy jewelry and want a more understated and unique vibe.

Oversized cat eye sunglasses


Price: $16.00

Surprisingly, fall is a very sunny part of the year, so stay chic with oversized glasses. The cat-eye shape in particular tends to be flattering on anyone, and they come in many colors and variations! From reflected lenses to brown frames, this look comes with a lot of flexibility.

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