Typically, high school students do not have the money to afford “Runway Ready” clothes. However, what many do not know is that these fashion trends can easily and affordably be emulated. Below, I picked out a couple of trends from both men and women’s Autumn and Winter 2016 shows to inform students how to weave these trends into their everyday style.



Trend: Pattern mixing

For school: Pattern mixing can definitely be intimidating and can easily look confusing, so start off small. Mixing two types of plaids or a floral print with stripes is a funky way to keep a look put together.


Trend: Velvet

For school: Wearing full velvet pieces, such as a dress or skirt, can be scary to start! If you feel weird about wearing full velvet pieces, start small with a velvet choker or a velvet accented jacket.


Trend: Jean jackets with pins and patches

For school: Buy an old jean jacket at a thrift store and reboot it, starting with one patch or pin and slowly adding on to your collection. Pins can be found at many vintage stores for really cheap, and there are usually some cool finds!


Trend: Embroidery

For school: Many bomber jackets or jean jackets have embroidered parts of them, so starting with the accents on jackets is a good way to quietly bring the trend in.


Trend: Moto jackets

For school: Wearing a black motorcycle jacket with a pair of jeans and a white t shirt is a simple outfit that makes your jacket stand out.


Trend: Satin and mixed fabrics

For school: Wearing too much satin to school could seem intimidating, so pairing a main satin piece, such as a dress or skirt, with an overlay, such as a jacket or sweater, can piece together your outfit.


Trend: 90’s influences/slip dresses

For school: Wear a silky slip dress over tights and a solid color t-shirt in order to tone the look down.



Overall color influences for each trend:

reds, maroons, camel color, greens



Trend: Sweatshirts and sweatpants

For school: Given, sweatshirts and sweatpants have always been seen as something that is not so fashionable, but this season try pairing sweatpants with boots and a button-up to make your lazy day look a lot nicer.


Trend: Leather

For school: Leather pants may be a little out there for a lot of students, but having a nice leather jacket or backpack is a good accent for a basic outfit.


Trend: Long coats

For school: In the winter, a long black coat adds a depth and an extra layer to your outfit, dressing up even a pair of sweatpants (this goes hand in hand with the sweatshirt and sweatpants trend!).


Trend: Jean on jean

For school: Jean on jean is a fun way to perfectly match, and it creates a classy look when paired with an oversize solid color t-shirt. You can also do jean on jean but with different colored jeans.


Trend: Texture mixing

For school: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures! Corduroy and leather look nice together, or dress pants and a soft jacket.


Overall color influence for each each trend: 

Black, navy blue, brown, forest green


Overall, most of these items can be found in local stores at a cheap price, particularly at thrift stores. Some of my favorite thrift store shops include Goodwill, Uptown Cheapskate, Ashby, Diversity Thrift, and Rumors Thrift. All of these place sell cheap but stylish clothes that emulate the Runway style and trends.

Photo Credit: Vogue Magazine


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