From March 17-19 Godwin High School choir students participated in the Festival of Choirs Competition at Hanover High School. Chesterfield, Hanover, and other schools from around the state competed as well.

The competition, according to Godwin teacher John Clatterbuck, was meant to “see what was going on at other schools, to get new ideas for music to perform and collaborate with other students and choral directors.”

Acapella and Madrigals competed in the Treble Chamber Choir and Mixed Chamber Choir competition which they both went on to win. The Grand Champion, which is the highest total score in the competition also went the Madrigals.

The Godwin Show Choir Debut competed and received first place in B Division, which is a show choir comprised of 20-40 members, Godwin has 32 members out of 5 choirs. Debut also received trophies for Best Vocals and Best Choreography.

When rehearsing for the competition and working toward the competition he mentioned, “It is extremely stressful to rehearse and prepare for a major event like this because my students want to do their absolute best. But the actual event is a lot of fun especially once you’ve completed your school’s performance”, said Clatterbuck.

When asked on how the season and competition went for him and his students he mentioned that, “It has been a terrific year, Godwin’s choral students have really outdone themselves to be their absolute best, I am extremely proud of all my students for their hard work, dedication, and great work ethic.”

This season has been so successful for Madrigals, Acapella, and Debut that Mr. Clatterbuck described it as “my students work very hard and do not like to settle for mediocrity. I have excellent student leadership and a lot of talented students.”



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