Spring sports previews

Previews by Chase Binns and Kevin Richeson

Girls Track

Head coach: William Winston

Last year’s finish: seventh in conference

Captains: Angel Beverly, Jr.; Sarah Bullen, Sr.; Molly Hunold, Jr.; Madison Philhower, Sr.

Key athletes: Caroline Behl, Jr.; Rebekah Greene, Jr.; Johanna Lupica, So.; Philhower, Britton Wilson, Fr.

Key athletes lost: Sarah Goodrich

Coach quote: “The girls are coming off a fairly successful indoor campaign.  We finished fourth indoors, just .5 out of third.  We’ll look to challenge for the conference championship if we can establish some depth,” said Winston.

Player quote: “I think we have a great season ahead of us.  Although we don’t have a lot of us experience on the team, we do have a ton of young talent,” said Philhower.

Boys Track

Head coach: William Winston

Last year’s finish: seventh in conference

Captains: Trevor Pruitt, Sr.; Stephen Tivenan, Sr.; Will Wood, Sr.

Key athletes: Matthew Chelton, Jr.; Wesley Dugger, Jr.; Ronan Higgins, Jr.; Terrell Kelly, Sr.; Tivenan, Carter Ward, Sr.

Key athletes lost: Aaron D’Amato, Duncan Goodrich, and Ryan Niblock

Coach quote: “The boys will look to challenge for fourth or fifth in the conference. We’ve added a lot of experience to our outdoor team this year,” said Winston.

Player quote: “The track team has a collective goal to be top three in the conference.  I definitely think we can do it.  There is lots of young talent on the team to helps us achieve this goal,” said Ward.

Boys Tennis

Head coach: Michael Silver

Last year’s record: 12-4

Captains: Thomas Gyory, Jr.; Grant Sarver, Sr.

Key players: Jeremy Curtis, So.; Gyory, Nick Prinz, So.; Sarver

Key players lost: Adam Collins, Harrison Fratkin, Carter Key, and Ben Manspile

Key matches: Deep Run, Freeman, James River, and Cosby

Coach quote: “This is a young team with a great attitude and work ethic.  We plan to gel as a team with great leadership from our captains,” said Silver.

Player quote: “Got a young team with a lot of potential.  Coach Silver is doing a great job and we’re having a lot of fun,” said Sarver.

Girls Tennis

Head coach:  Mark Seidenberg

Last year’s record: 21-0, state champs

Captains: Virginia Duley, Sr.; Morgan Fuqua, Sr.; Lucy Smith, Sr.

Key players: Divya Atluri, Jr.; Anna Brodzik, Jr.; Morgan Fuqua, Sr.; Jessica Marks, Jr.; Meghann Neale, Jr.; Anna Sidhu, Jr.; Sarah York, So.

Key players lost: Elizabeth Dudley, Ara McCarthy, and Keerthana Shankar

Key matches: Deep Run, Freeman, Midlothian, and James River

Coach quote: “Girls have worked hard in the offseason.  Great work ethic and attitude.  I expect our team to compete for Conference 11, region, and state championships,” said Seidenberg.

Player quote: “We are going to work hard to keep the success of the tennis program and hopefully bring more titles,” said Duley.

Boys Soccer

Head coach: Skip Stevens

Last year’s record: 18-4-1, state champs

Captains: Ben Ahrens, Sr.; Will Martin, Sr.

Key players: Ben Ahrens, Daniel Ahrens, So.; Holden Fisher, Jr.; Martin, Joseph Worsham, So.

Key players lost: Sam Dracos, Cameron Jones, Ryan Lynch, Henry Mordica, and Will Selden

Key matches: Deep Run, Freeman, and James River

Coach quote: “I’m very excited about this season.  We have a great group of returning players and have added excellent additions to the team as well.  I think this group will have an excellent mix of experience and dedication.  I believe that if we put in the effort every day in practice, and if we truly play as a team, that we will have an excellent chance of having another successful season,” said Stevens.

Player quote: “I’m looking forward to the chance of going back to back like Jordan ’96 ’97,” said Martin.

Girls Soccer

Head coach: Alison Toole

Last year’s record: 19-2-1

Captains: Claire Franks, Sr.; Taylor Guy, Sr.; Sara Puglisi Jr.

Key players: Caroline Cipolla, Jr.; Claire Franks, Paige Franks, So.; Morgan Hall, Jr.

Key players lost: Emily Randolph and Kara Vlahecevic

Key games: Atlee and Deep Run

Coach quote: “We are really excited to get the season started.  We are a talented team and if we play as a connected team we could win states this season,” said Toole.

Player quote: “Our team is looking strong this year and I’m excited to win states this year and bring home the rings,” said Paige Franks.

Girls Lacrosse

Head coach: Kate Desai

Last year’s record: 6-9

Captains: Jessica Besnier, Jr.; Abby Bostian, Sr.; Katie Mason, Sr.

Key players: Besnier, Bostian, and Mason

Key games: Freeman, Deep Run, and Glen Allen

Coach quote: “Overall, we’ve been working extremely hard, and not just during the season.  We had a big turn out during our preseason workouts and those have paid off big time.  We have an extremely dedicated and determined group of girls and I’m looking forward to seeing the fight that they’ve already displayed this season continue to grow and see us be as successful as possible,” said Desai.

Player quote: “I’m really excited for this season, we have four new coaches and a lot of young talent.  I can’t believe it’s my last season, I’m going to miss the team a ton,” said Bostian.

Boys Lacrosse

Head coach: Zach Webb

Last year’s record: 6-9

Captains: Owen Deegan, Sr.; Jake Jones, Sr.; Aubin Iriguay, Sr.; Robbie Milia, Jr.

Key players: Colin Beebe, Jr.; William Abbott, Jr.; Jones, and Iriguay

Key players lost: Andrew McGee, Patrick Fowler, and Aaron Striano

Key games: Deep Run, Atlee, and Freeman

Player quote: “I’m looking forward to enjoying my last season of lacrosse while pursuing a conference championship and becoming a dominant program in the area,” said senior Charlie Payne.


Last Year’s Finish: 13-9

This year’s Captains: Haven’t chosen Captains yet, but our Seniors are Erin Law, Colleen Price and Gracie Smith

Key athletes: Erin Law, Colleen Price, Gracie Smith, Kayla Shaffer, Reagan Richmond, Meg Allen, Lauren Murphy

Key athletes lost: Jessica Curbeira, Madison Silvia, Taylor Murphy, Olivia Albergo

Coach Quote: Have a young but experienced team returning, once the girls learn to play together we could have a very good year. (Dale Byrd)

Player Quote: I think that we are going to have a pretty solid team this season. Our infield and outfield work really well together and our pitches are showing a lot of strength. It also looks like we will have a strong team offensively, we have some very very strong hitters and I can’t wait to see what our future holds! (Gracie Smith)



Last year: finished regular season in 3rd place in the conference with a 12 and 10 record.

This year’s Captain: Our leadership is handled by our seniors. (Conor Nolan, Chris Minneci, Spencer Parrish, Cal O’Donnell, Tyler Dugan, Jack Landess, Brady Goode, Jacob Edwards)

Key athletes: Catcher Chris Minneci, 1B/P Cal O’Donnell, OF/P Conor Nolan, 2B Jack Landess, SS/P Chase Muir

Key Athletes Lost: Kaleb Butler, Ryan Grubbs, Will Parcell, Matthew Jones

Coach Quote: This year’s team has the potential to accomplish some great things. It will take a lot of hard work and great effort but it is very attainable. (John Fletcher)

Player Quote: This season we expect to be very successful. We have a roster full of talented, hard working guys who want to win every game we play. When you look at our lineup, it’s hard to find a hole in the batting order, pitching rotation or on the field which is obviously a huge asset. When we show up at the ballpark, we’re going to walk on the field with confidence and the mentality that we are good enough to beat any team we face. This is a special group of guys, and it’s going to be a memorable year. (Jack Landess)

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