Godwin state championship rewards


Last June Godwin boys varsity soccer won the state championship and received state rings. While this is an extreme honor and privilege, some are wondering why Godwin girls tennis didn’t receive the same treatment.

The Boys soccer team was fitted for the rings at the beginning of summer before students left for college. The rings were ordered through Herff Jones and paid for by the Godwin Athletic Association (GAA) and the players and parents.

“We paid $120 each for a ring and Godwin paid $80 each,” said senior Parker Canada. “We ordered them over the summer through a company that did the Colts Super Bowl rings and it made me feel like the hard months of conditioning and practices were all worth it.”

“Getting this ring is an accomplishment that I will remember for the rest of my life,” said junior Holden Fisher.

The girls tennis team made the decision to not receive state rings.

“Although we do not receive rings when we win States, we are given jackets and recognized throughout the county,” said senior Virginia Duley.

The GAA gives a budget to each sport and what they choose to get with their money is their decision. State rings are paid for by the players, their families, and a part from the GAA.

“It was an option, but we never got rings. The GAA gives us a specific amount of money to spend and we get a written article and a piece of clothing. None of the girls really asked for rings, it’s our decision but none of us really wanted them,” said tennis Coach Sidenberg.

Godwin activities director Tom Nadeau is the head of the GAA.

“Teams make the decision as a group as to if they want to purchase a State Championship ring.  Godwin contributes $80 towards each ring and the athlete must pay the remaining balance.  The $80 is the same amount that any State Championship team receives for any type of commemorative items.  In the case of the Girls Tennis team they had the option to purchase rings but made the decision not to,” said Nadeau.

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