Oktoberfest, one of the biggest and most popular festivals around the world, is held annually in

Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

This year, Godwin senior Will Martin and his family traveled to Europe for the opening day on

Sept. 19.

“We wanted to go visit the Homeland and experience the extravagant culture,” said Martin when

asked why they decided to travel across the Atlantic Ocean.

Martin departed from the United States on Sept. 12 en route to Garmisch-Partenkirchen,


While overseas, Martin climbed to the highest point of Zugspitze, the tallest mountain in the


“From the top you could gaze into the beautiful creation known as the Bavarian countryside,”

said Martin.

He also visited Olympic Park in Munich, where the 1972 Summer Olympics were held.

There are many different activities to partake in at Oktoberfest. People from many places around

the globe travel to Germany for the expansive festivities.

“I spent quality time with three generations of my family while sampling the German nectars,”

said Martin.

There are 14 total tents at the festival. The Martins attended the activities in the Schuetzen-

Festhalle tent.

“The tent I was in was formally known as the ‘Shooting Tent’,” said Martin, “…everyone had

the opportunity to enter an air rifle shooting contest.”

“Although it was one of the smaller tents it was still incredible on the inside,” said Martin, “the

décor was a mix of the circus and heaven.”

Martin proudly stated that one of his favorite experiences in Europe was wading into a glacier-fed lake.


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