On March 15, many of Godwin’s SMT Center students traveled to Clover Hill High School to participate in the Metro Richmond STEM Fair (MRSF).  Some of the students who went to MRSF placed high enough to move on to the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair (VSSEF) on March 28 at Virginia Military Institute and three Godwin students placed high enough to earn a ticket to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) held May 10-15 in Pittsburgh.

“Effectively, we (Godwin and its Specialty Center) are the 2015 State Science Champions,” said SMT Center director Todd Phillips.

Below are the winners:

 MRSF Awards                                                         VSSEF Awards

Suraj Bala                                       2nd Place Zoology                                                                –

Nidhi Kumar                                 1st Place Environmental Science                                NOAA Award

David Lu                                          1st Place Biochemistry                                             1st Place Biochemistry

Grand Prize Winner (ticket to ISEF)                  1st Place Laconta Biotechnology Award

Jennifer Mak &                          2nd Place Medicine & Health                                          –

Mouni Talari

Hallie Miller                                 2nd Place Behavioral & Social Sciences                        –

Mihir Paithane                            2nd Place Environmental Science                                 –

Swapnil Pande                             1st Place Mathematics                                        Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Award

Grand Prize Winner (ticket to ISEF)

Uday Patil                                        1st Place Computer Science

Charles Reiter                               1st Place Zoology

Matthew and Michael Retchin    1st Place Medicine & Health                         1st Place Medical & Health Science

Grand Prize Winner (ticket to ISEF)                     Office of Naval Research Award

2nd Place Laconta Biotechnology Award

1st Place OVERALL

Abby Taye                                          2nd Place Microbiology                                        3rd Place Microbiology

Sahana Tharakan                           1st Place Microbiology



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