Around 20 of Godwin’s Model United Nations (MUN) club members were able to attend a conference hosted by Old Dominion University (ODU) on February 19th through the 22nd.

Due to inclement weather, the Model UN team was almost not able to go to the conference, but senior Sneha Reddy emailed Patrick Kinlaw, the superintendent of Henrico.

“After much lobbying, and him [Kinlaw] talking to Mrs. [Beth] Armbruster, he finally cleared not only the Model UN team, but also debate, forensics, and other sports for any activities they had that weekend,” said Reddy.

The three-day long event is organized annually by ODU’s Model UN team.

The ODU conference consisted of about 500 attendees from schools around the state of Virginia.

The attendees portray delegates, form committees from the United Nations, and simulate the discussions.

The committees formed are composed of delegates from a variety of schools, and they prepare for their chosen topic before the conference is held.

Reddy was a delegate for the Special Political and Decolonization (SPECPOL) committee for the ODU conference.

“We discussed the prevention of the weaponization of space and defining government in civil conflict,” said Reddy.

“This year marked our third and most successful year at the ODU Model UN conference,” said Lyons.

Their team received 13 individual awards and the “Best in Diplomacy” team award.

“When you step into a conference you shed your personality as who you are and assume the role of an actual delegate representing a nation,” said Reddy.

The Model UN club was revived three years ago with the help of current seniors Reddy and Pranay Nuvvala.

“In middle school Model UN was a club I had thoroughly enjoyed, so I decided I would start one at Godwin,” said Reddy.

With persuasion from Reddy and Nuvvala, Lyons became the sponsor for the club.

“I had no background experience, and, thus, I felt completely inadequate,” said Lyons.

Although Model UN is only a club at Godwin, organizations can also be a course elective in middle schools, high schools, and colleges around the world.

Lyons expressed her respect to the students involved in the club.

“Watching them grow in their confidence as public speakers, in their ability to organize a convincing, compelling argument about a relevant global issue, and to represent our school with grace, courtesy, and competitive spirit before others is a great joy for me,” said Lyons


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