Written by J skills correspondent Kaylynn Henley

We all know of the actors and actresses on stage, but what of the workers backstage? Godwin has a special group of students that help put together the fall plays, Mr. MG, chorus concerts, assemblies, and spring musicals.

The tech crew is entirely student run. Senior Jonathan Medley is the head of the crew and has been working backstage for Godwin since freshman year. He is accompanied by Senior Cameron O’Hern, Juniors Rita Dogbo, Madi Birdsell, and Victoria Neely, Sophomore Amy Ariel, and many other vital people that contribute to the success of Godwin’s performances.

Working backstage requires just as much hard work as acting on stage.

“The crew typically works about three hours after school every day in preparation of a performance, sometimes even showing up on weekends,” Dogbo said.

O’Hern added that they work three or four days a week. This can sometimes add complications for students like Neely, who also have a job outside of school.

Despite their hard work, problems regularly arise while working.

“Some common problems while working include oversights. We always think something catastrophic went wrong, spend a day or two trying to fix the big things, and then realize a cable wasn’t entirely plugged in or a bulb was burnt out,” said Ariel. “But generally as a tech team we learn to work together and work out the difference.”

Much like sports, the backstage crew acquire hard-earned skills that they utilize away from the stage.

“This experience has given me better teamwork and leadership skills” said Dogbo.

Tech crew works as an option who would rather not be in the spotlight, yet can still socialize and contribute to the school’s shows.

“I see performing arts as a means of expression and freedom to explore, so working backstage is a way to support that. Working tech is also about bringing life to theatre and helping the director and actors realize the vision,” said Ariel.



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