A commentary by Virginia Duley

Liking posts, retweeting, and tagging are all phrases that have come from the abundance of social media that is plaguing the younger generations.

Throughout the last decade Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and many other social media sites have become popular with children, teenagers, and even adults

Some people believe that education is affected by the profusion of social media.

“It influences education because it is time consuming,” said junior, Emily Yacoub.

With all the course work that high school students are receiving now-a-days, social media does not help with time management.

“It is also distracting,” said Yacoub.

There are also those who believe that social media does not distract students from education.

“I do not believe that social media influences education because I rarely spend time on those sites,” said junior, Nathan Prescott.

For those who do not spend an enormous amount of time on social media sites, it is not a contributing factor in the obstruction of education.

“It only distracts me from working for a brief time period, and I can continue working without any delay,” said Prescott.

Students are not the only ones using social media.  Many teachers use Twitter, Facebook, and other sites to communicate with their classes.

Teachers are probing students to use social media for not only private use, but also for educational purposes by using these sites to facilitate different classroom announcements and assignments.

Google Classroom is the new educational site for teachers to post upcoming assignments and different announcements they want their students to know about.

Teachers may see Google Classrooms as an advantage for posting those notices to their students, since many may forget after a full day of classes.

The only downside to this, is that many students might not find the need to check Google Classrooms as a daily routine, while checking Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Vine can be hourly habits for teenagers.

Social media has an opening that leads to more ways of friend influence, including peer pressure and cyberbullying, not educational impediments.

It does not affect education as much as adults may believe.

The coursework for teenagers now-a-days makes it critical for students to break away from social media in order to work on their assignments.

Due to the new technology that has been created in these past years, instructors have more of a gateway to produce tougher tasks for students to complete in shorter time periods.

Social media is not the problem with the difference in education for this generation.

The harder classwork and stricter teachers have a major influence on the hindrance of education for teenagers today.


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