Four Godwin art Students won an award after competing in Scholastic State Competition. Scholastic Awards is a long running and prestigious competition that takes place every year.

Art teachers chose the artwork that had potential to win. “I’m extremely proud of my students this year. They have worked really hard and I’m anticipating a lot more awards next year,” said art teacher Glenda Shulleeta.

Only students from grades 7-12 could participate. There were judges in the national and state level who looked for works that exemplified the Alliance’s core criteria.

Gold Key winner’s artwork will continue in to national competition. Silver and Bronze Key were the next best awards students could get and finally an honorable mention.

Everything had to be submitted by Jan. 10. Sophomore Kori Davis won Gold Key, senior Matt Sam won Silver Key, sophomores Lilly Lile and Ali White both got Honorable Mention.

Davis will go on to Nationals after winning the Gold Key Award. “I was surprised that I won. I worked really hard, so I’m glad that I got recognized for it,” said Davis.

On March 1 the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts will be having a special reception in which the winning artwork will be shown.

“I worked hard, and it’s exciting to know it has paid off,” said Sam, winner of the Silver Key.

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