Godwin student spots Springsteen

Godwin sophomore encounters Bruce Springsteen at a local restaurant

photo courtesy
photo courtesy

Imagine a rainy Saturday evening spent in the warm comfort of a candle-lit restaurant turning into a night to remember as a legendary rock musician walks in to eat at the table right next to you. Well this happened to Godwin sophomore Gigi Justis.

“I was out at dinner for a friend’s birthday at Mamma Zu’s, and on the way there we started talking about how Bruce Springsteen had been there the night before. We talked about how cool it would have been if we had gone the night before so we could have seen him. As we walked in to the restaurant and sat down to eat who else, but Bruce Springsteen came and sat down at the table right next to us,” said Justis.

Legendary musician Bruce Springsteen was seen in downtown Richmond on Friday Dec. 23 and came back the next evening. Springsteen spent most of his early career around Richmond and was back in town with his family to eat at Mamma Zu’s.

It wasn’t exactly clear why Springsteen was in town.

“He walked in with his wife and kids. He ended up being seated at the table right next to us,” said Justis.

Justis managed to take a few pictures of him, but they were a bit dark due to the dim lighting in the restaurant.

“It was crazy, we had no idea that he would come back to the same exact place the next night!” said Justis

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