As students and staff return to school from summer vacation they might notice multiple changes around Godwin-not only visual changes but policy changes as well.

The commons was painted a sharp white color, a new Mills Godwin painting shines outside the office doors, new computers arrived for teachers and students, a tobacco-free campus sign lurks outside the front of school, cell phones are now permitted between classes and at lunch, and a new senior-only lunch line will be placed in the cafeteria.

The commons was transformed over the summer from the usual brick columns to a bright white color. Junior Kiersten Nelson said, “The white paint really makes the commons look much brighter.” In addition to the commons being painted, the PTSA funded the new MG painting outside of the front office doors.

New Dell computers were issued to teachers and students this year. These new computers come with many new improvements. Technology Support Technician Justin Cole was greatly involved in the process of obtaining new computers.

“The new computers have solid state drives which will make them not crash and the computers have twice as much memory. It was fun to test the computers because we got to throw them around everywhere and smash them into pieces to see if they would crash and they didn’t,” said Cole.

French teacher Mindy Guyer said, “I like that the new computers will probably break less frequently, and I know that they are much faster. They’re also lighter and easier to carry.”

A white square sign is in place at the front of the school establishing Godwin as a tobacco-free campus. This means not only is tobacco not allowed during school hours, but also at other events held on school grounds such as football games or school plays.

Godwin principal Beth Armbruster said, “This new policy was announced a year ago to give all stakeholders a long lead time to prepare for this change. The new policy has been communicated well and heavily advertised, so we expect the transition to its official installation to be smooth.”

Another policy change at Godwin is an adjustment to the cell phone policy. Before, cell phones were only allowed to be used before school in the commons and after school. Now students are allowed to use cell phones in the halls between classes and at lunch. However, students may not use cell phones to take pictures or videos in the halls.

Like always, cell phones must be off and put away during class. Armbruster said, “We expect students to respect this as a privilege that requires trust, responsibility, and maturity to maintain.”

Senior Audrey Mathias said, “I am really excited about the new cell phone policy because I don’t have to worry about getting caught for texting my mom during school.”

One of the lunch lines this year will be designated as senior-only. This line is meant only for the senior class and was created as a privilege for seniors to get their lunch quicker. Senior Jacob Kessler said, “I’m excited to not have to wait in a long line anymore. I will definitely take advantage of this opportunity.”


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